Mr. Goodtower

GPA Factory Service Inc., an Evapco Mr. GoodTower® Service Center, specializes in the restoration, replacement and upgrade of all types of Evaporative Cooling Equipment, Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers, Adiabatic Coolers and Dry Coolers.As a Mr. GoodTower Service Centre, GPA Factory Service is a part of Evapco’s Worldwide Network of Service Centres. Our technicians have successfully completed factory training, and have the backing that comes with being part of the Evapco team.

Why Use GPA Factory Service Inc.
  • Factory Trained and Certified Personnel.
  • Backed by Evapco – A worldwide leader in the manufacture of Evaporative Cooling Equipment.
  • Cooling Tower and Fluid Cooler Repair Specialist.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Best Lead Times in the Industry.
  • Single Source Provider for Replacement Parts and Service for all major cooling tower brands.
  • Commitment to Excellence.
  • Licensed and Insured.
Extend the Life of Your Unit
  • Replace old, corroded, and worn panels.
  • Remove corrosion and install the exclusive fire retardant EvapLiner protective membrane coating to all interior sheet metal surfaces.
  • Reseal all sheet metal seams with EvapLiner to stop leaks.
  • EvapLiner can be applied on a weekend with the equipment ready for service on Monday morning.
Thermal Performance and Equipment Upgrades
  • Install new and more efficient wet deck and replacement coil bundles for better thermal performance.
  • Professionally designed custom counterflow and crossflow fill kits.
  • Install new water distribution systems and recirculating pumps to provide better coverage over the wet deck or coils.
  • Install solids filtration systems to ensure the best possible water cleanliness, minimizing heat transfer losses due to dirt build up.
  • Install new fan motors, sheaves, and fans to provide more airflow.
  • Install low sound solutions including Super Low Sound Fans and silencers.
  • Equipment upgrades such as motor davits, service platforms and ladders.
  • Install Pulse~Pure non-chemical water treatment or Smart Shield Solid Chemical Water Treatment, eliminating dangerous liquid chemical systems.
Replacement Towers
  • Provide exact replacements for existing Evapco Towers.
  • Provide higher efficiency, lower energy consuming replacement towers.
  • Match structural requirements for existing piers.
  • Match footprint of competitor’s products, often better suited than the original equipment supplier.
Eliminate Problems Before They Start
  • Replace old and worn shafts, bearings and wheels prior to failure. Emergency replacements can result in expensive repairs and unscheduled equipment down time.
  • Install new winterization equipment such as sump heaters, heat tape and pipe insulation.
  • Install new filtration equipment and sump sweeper piping to reduce fouling in the equipment being serviced by the evaporative cooling equipment.
  • Eliminate dangerous water treatment chemicals by converting to a Pulse~Pure®Non-Chemical Water Treatment System.
  • Eliminate handling of liquid chemical drums with the Smart Shield solid chemistries of non-toxic scale and corrosion inhibitors and granular biocide.
  • Local and factory inventory of parts for emergency repairs!
Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Install motor davits, ladders and platforms to reduce labor hours by providing easier access to high maintenance areas of the evaporative cooling unit.
  • Install electric water level controls to eliminate the expense associated with leaking mechanical make-up valves.
  • Provide a service contract to perform all the routine maintenance as recommended by the evaporative cooling equipment manufacturer.
Replacement Parts